Medical bill crowdfunding

Hi there. I started an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for my friend's emergency room visit. I've never tried crowdfunding anything before, and it's kind of exciting. Perks are mostly tech support provided by me. Please share. Thanks!

Live Kitten Party at BayCon (Kitten Not Included)

I will be off at Anime Oasis in Boise starting Friday but wanted to have a BayCon party too! So it's Thursday night, May 23rd, at BayCon at the Hyatt Santa Clara. Since it's before the official start of the con, I went with Live Kitten as the opposite of Dead Dog. Sadly, my kitten Rory will not be attending.

There will be snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, anime, fan videos, badge ribbons, pictures of adorable kittens, and games to play. Let me know if you're interested in crash space. It will run from 6pm until late.

Feel free to invite more people! This is an open room party.

Talking wakes me up / keeps me awake.

So last night I started to listen to the commentary track on Nanoha the Movie 1st. It consists of characters from StrikerS in character, commenting on the movie. In Japanese, of course.

I decided to do an experiment then. I got in bed and tried to sleep. I figured it would be handy if I could fall asleep with people talking, as that's always a problem for me, and then I might enjoy some subconscious learning. Nope, I lay in bed and listened to the whole thing, understanding a good deal of it, until it ended. I think. I listened for a good hour anyway. At least it was amusing.

Social Will reminder

Three years ago, an online friend was murdered. I didn't find out for over a month, because the family didn't know who to contact online. Because today would be that friend's birthday, here is a social will reminder.

I found out through a web search, because I knew my friend's legal last name. I was lucky to figure it out. People disappear from online communities every day without a trace. If you want your online friends to know in case something happens, consider a social will.

Mine is pretty simple. I wrote down a list of forums, blogs, and IRC channels I frequent, and also contact info for some of my friends there, and gave it to my son. There are also websites set up with instructions or even notification systems. Here are a few instructional links:

Pick Anime, Watch, Discuss.

Hey, my friend started a virtual anime club, and I started the community here for discussion. Feel free to join anime_discuss (membership is moderated), or come to #anime_discuss on

Each week we pick a series to watch 4 episodes of and discuss. There's the option to watch the rest and keep discussing. Also each week, we pick a Bad Anime Challenge. This week, for example, was Mama is a 4th Grader. :D That one is optional but also fun.

Comment here if you're going to join, so I know to approve your membership right away.
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Boo stayed at the vet overnight. He has a lot of yellow fluid in his abdomen. I agreed to let them do an ultrasound, and they're already running a test on the fluid. I should find out something today.

Poor kitty.
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packing list for Chicon

This is my packing list for the Worldcon in Chicago this year. It will be hot and humid, and I plan to spend the whole weekend indoors if possible. The hotel is connected to the Illinois Center which has places to eat. In-room internet is $10 a day unless we get a deal before then. I plan to plug in my router and leave it open.

Wireless router
Power strip
Various badge ribbons including "Y2K38 OK"
Cell, charger, spare batteries, battery charger
Digital camera maybe...
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