ashi (ashi) wrote,

Sugared sodas

I had in general cut back on sugared sodas by not buying them at home, because they're somewhat expensive, and I have a water-filtering pitcher. I recall drinking a lot of tea at my last job though, usually with sugar.

Now that I have yummy high-grade sugared sodas available for free during the week, I've been drinking... well, I have lost track, but lots. This week I have been drinking only one in the afternoons, cycling through the Natural Brew flavors. That one sugared soda a day has started to seem very sweet and strong!

I don't do diet sodas. I have been drinking a juice in the morning, Hint (water with a bit of flavor, no sugar), water, and the occasional unsweetened tea the rest of the day.

Why? I guess after some time of getting used to having most anything you want for free all day at work, you tend to start a bit of self-regulation.

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