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06 August 2003 @ 01:55 am
This weekend should prove fun, even though I'm pretty broke. Wednesday night I'm seeing Batboy the Musical. It's $20 for students, and I intend to pay mostly with pocket change ($10 of it in $1 coins). Does anyone want to buy some change, especially quarters, dimes, and nickels? Heehee.

Then on to this little place that has a Tiki Room, a ragtime piano, and a Pirate ride. It may have a few other nifty things too. Thankfully, one of my kind friends is fronting the money for the trip, thanks to a bank that is fronting him money via a small piece of plastic. :)
Debbiecheesybunny on August 6th, 2003 11:15 am (UTC)
It's really fun! So many things to do.