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Today I had lunch with a friend from work and some of his friends from church. All guys.

The friend from work mentioned that it was hard to tell what I'm thinking, because I have this stoic expression.

It got me thinking, I don't really understand most guys or what they're thinking. Sure, I have, at times, been confused by women. But mostly, I can relate to women. Men more often seem like some alien race to me.

Now I'm wondering about the whole reading of expressions thing. I have friends who can tell what I'm thinking a lot of the time. Most of them are women... most of my friends are women though. Do I subconsciously hide my expressions from men? Or am I just as incomprehensible to most men as they are to me?

And then there are children. I can often relate to children more easily than adults. But that could easily fill up a post or two of its own.... :)

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