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Cookies! And other Condor stuff

Too much Guu! Yay.

thechick found a cookie cutter last year that is supposed to be two crossed candy canes. But it really looks like a pokute, a weird little jungle creature from Guu. One can be seen on this page: (It's the pink creature vaguely shaped like two crossed candy canes.)

The cookie cutter was temporarily misplaced! While I was searching for a replacement, I came upon instructions for making a cookie cutter. Special thanks to Strong-Tie for their excellent steel.

jungle critter shape bent from steel

I was going to overlap the end and screw it together, but I ran out of steel, so I used a twist tie to hold the ends together.

Now our 15-episode marathon of Guu at Condor will have themed cookies! Hooray. I also have ribbons that say "Brain turned to Guu" for those who stay for a few episodes.

Anime Music Video Contest

I'm also throwing my first AMV contest at Condor. I've been to several such contests, and I always wind up seeing some videos I'd like to download. Sometimes I can get a spare ballot, but that's kind of a pain, and sometimes it doesn't have a lot of information. Sometimes I can't even remember which video was which when I'm voting!

So, I went overboard and created a ballot and a handout. The handout has a greyscaled screen shot of each AMV, the creator's fan name or name, the title, anime, music, length, country of origin, and link if available. I'll include a copy with prizes I send out, and I'll send a pdf to those who couldn't attend and didn't win. Of course, I'll also post on the forums with a list of the videos and the winners.

Cat Tree Grove

I recently acquired another cat tree, and I think I've set up a nice array of cat furniture. Behind the cut.

two cat trees and a cat perch, strategically placed

Boo climbs all over the new furniture. Charybdis even climbs some of it, and the two now have some good locations for war games. They bat in each other's general direction from behind barriers, kind of like the "under the door" game.

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