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Broccoli blows my mind.

So, I'm running the anime room and AMV contest for Condor (, the first weekend in March. Broccoli sent some goodies as prizes/free stuff along with their permission form, as usual. I opened the first box, the 23-pound one, and it had eight of these, and nothing more:!GMS&csurl=%2Fistar%2Easp%3Fa%3D29%26

Note that clicking "zoom view" seems not to actually zoom, just to open up a new small window that resizes my Firefox.

Each one is filled with thirty-six, 12x16.5 inch (30x42 cm), gorgeous mini-posters. The pictures on their site don't do them justice. They're painfully cute.

The 10-pound box has fliers, stickers, trading cards, figurines... Thanks, Broccoli! The AMV contest will have nice prizes.

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