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free car wash too

I love Wednesdays in general, but tonight was really a blast.

Took two of my favorite people, cheesybunny and thechick, to Santa Cruz. We stopped by Staff of Life to get this new vegan cheese alternative stuff, wrapped it up with frozen food to keep it cool, and went on to the Boardwalk.

Traded in Pepsi cans I scrounged from work for the after-5pm special, then on to rides, rides, cotton candy, rides, garlic fries (and cheese-on-a-stick for the cheese-eaters), and oh, more rides.

I lost my Ban-danna on the Giant Dipper late in the evening, so I was only sporting the big pirate earring after that... not quite a complete pirate outfit. We did mini-golf too. They were one short on adult clubs, so the shortest of us (cheesybunny) got a kid-sized club. I was doing well enough though that half-way through I took the little club instead.

On to Saturn Cafe, where I had olallaberry tofu pie, gingerbread, and a chocolate mint shake (they finally have vegan milkshakes! yay!). I was critisized for eating so much junk food, but c'mon, I eat a lot of healthy stuff, and today was about splurging.

Went to go pet Charybdis till Thechick kicked us out to sleep, then went to pet Boo, then couldn't find Mog or Arlene, so we went to Walgreens... two of them... still no Dan-Banna.

One of the Walgreens did have a very high-shooting broken sprinkler. We drove right up to it, then under the spray very slowly... then back around the other way. Free car wash! It was silly and fun. Cheesybunny went to some sleepover thing, and I went home. I wonder if that fake cheese stuff would be good in lasagna...

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