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My first random Yahoo IM evar. x-posted to jeremycrawford.

Had this very odd Yahoo IM conversation today. Never heard of him before, but found the jeremycrawford community while Googling him. I was looking to see if there was any information on this guy... never expected he'd made such a, er, name for himself.

JC 18:14 hello.
ME 19:06 hi
JC 19:06 do you write stories.
ME 19:06 sometimes
JC 19:06 have you ever watched wwe.
ME 19:06 nope
JC 19:07 i guess you neevr seen superman animated series.
ME 19:07 i haven't
ME 19:07 who are you?
JC 19:07 jeremy crawford.
ME 19:07 okay
ME 19:09 have you ever watched Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu?
JC 19:09 no.

(This is where I took a break to look up information on him.)

ME 19:12 do you write stories?
JC 19:13 no i was jsut looking for soemone to write a fic.
ME 19:13 maybe you could write it yourself.
ME 19:19 bet your local community college has a creative writing class.

That was pretty surreal. I wonder if he knows about the community dedicated to him.

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