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Not quite home

Thank you to dzayde and fiadhaisteach and their cats for letting me spend the night. I'd thank Luxie the dog, but the cats really run things.

Thank you to the kind stranger who helped me push my car the rest of the way through the offramp to the gas station I-5/Stockdale Hwy near Bakersfield.

Thank you to the tow truck driver who unlocked my car after I locked the keys inside and towed me to a place in Bakersfield where I could get my car fixed.

Thanks to Pep Boys for getting me back on the road, though gouging me a bit in the process. Oil apparently leaked into spark plugs and wires. Over $400 later...

Thanks to the Chinese masseuse at TA Travel Center in Santa Nella. Really.

Thanks to Pea Soup Anderson's, and the motel next door. My car is down to one headlight and no tail lights, and I didn't make it home by dark as planned, so I figured staying here tonight would be safest. I did try replacing fuses.

Now to get the latest episode of Torchwood...

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