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Long-lost pictures

I was cleaning out a box today that I packed before I moved into this place and found a few interesting pictures. Mostly pictures of me, but also other people. Ahh, how different people look over the years.

Oh, and a reminder, my server is going down for maintenance tonight at 11:59pm.

Dori and I at LACon3 in Anaheim in 1996
LA Con 3 1996

Rachel at Hello Kitty Cafe in Hawaii in 2000
Conolulu 2000

Todd dressed up for Halloween as Clarissa
Early 90's. Yup, that's me.

Me at LACon3
LA Con 3

Me at Paula & Jessica's house in the 80's
80's in Anaheim

Turnabout day in high school!
Hey, who's she? *wink*

Portrait I had taken in 1992 or so
1992 or so

Rachel 10 years ago
Aww, how scruffy! :)

Woo, short hair and facial hair
Oh, I was pretty scruffy myself.

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