ashi (ashi) wrote,

Two Kitties: Then and Now.

Nearly a year and a half ago, Boo moved in and staked out a tentative claim on thespatula's new room, which we had just made using a wardrobe and 6 bookcases. Charybdis already had claim to the whole house, and tried to evict him using force.

I broke them up and was wounded. Warning, graphic, looks like slashed wrists:

We alternated which one got locked in the bathroom each night, until after a few months they didn't actively try to kill each other. Within 6 months or so they tolerated each other.

After thespatula moved out, and I moved into her old room, there were some new territory issues. Boo had claim to that room, while Charybdis had claim to whichever room I sleep in. Then I was away for a bit, and they kept each other company.

Now they nearly seem like friends:

Boo and Charybdis looking sleepy sitting near each other

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