ashi (ashi) wrote,


Pictures of a pretty wall, a mailbox with a new and inexpensive flag, and my adorable kitties.

pics of my wall with 4 five framed animation cels and a Di Gi Charat calendar.

Frames from animation cells. The ones on the left are from Miyuki, while the one on top is Yuki from Fruits Basket. The calendar is from Di Gi Charat. I found cels stashed away in my house while cleaning up and framed them. Some of the frames are a bit too small... doh!

my mailbox with an interesting flag

So, I was looking on Froogle for a mailbox flag, since mine has been broken for so long I can't find it, and saw one that didn't even look so much like a flag, more like a red stick. Then I figured, I have red plastic knives... why not? I successfully mailed my unemployment form this week using my funky cheap mailbox flag. Yay!

Boo on the left, Charybdis on the right.

More pictures of my adorable kitties because they earned new nicknames. On the left is Pees on Plastic. He's looking at Pukes in Hall, who is looking down on the right.

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