ashi (ashi) wrote,

Things I forgot to mention

When I was walking in Portland recently, a girl asked me for change. As I handed her just about all my change (including two one-dollar coins), it occurred to me that almost always it's guys that asked me for change, and that this girl was so cute I hadn't stopped to think really before handing over my change.

I'm up to 7 watchings of "Pirates of the Caribbean." I also recently enjoyed "Cutthroat Island" and the 1940 Errol Flynn "The Sea Hawk" (there was a 1920's silent film of that title also, which I'd also like to see).

I ought to get my car looked at soon. The battery drains away if I leave it plugged in when I park it, so I've been disconnecting it when not in use.

I have not stopped dressing like a pirate since Wednesday.

Charybdis doesn't mew at me as much while I'm asleep during the day trying to get me to pet her. Maybe she's figured out that I sleep a night's worth each day.

My digital camera is mostly fine, but a few buttons don't respond, and I can't get pictures copied from internal memory to the Smartmedia card. I need the USB cable to transfer pictures of me in my pirate garb.

No one at work has asked *why* I'm dressed like a pirate, which I find surprising. One of the shift supervisors, however, said she liked my bandana and earring.

Since I made the list of potential reasons why I might be dressed like a pirate, no one at all has asked me why.

I want to go to Santa Cruz to get the latest fake cheese, to get cotton candy, to ride a few rides at the Boardwalk, and to go to Saturn Cafe.

You can now watch Romeo and Juliet in Flash animation done in stick figures talking in something similar to online-chat English here.

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