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11 September 2006 @ 12:46 pm
Pearl Harbor, the 11 Sept 2001 attacks, and a woman named Marilyn.  
Thaks to filkertom for the link. A reporter talks about reporting truth, vs. other things passed off as if they were truth.
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Dr3Am3ndergesellschaftoi on September 12th, 2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing
It was an excellent post. :) To be perfectly honest I personaly haven't watched the pearl harbor movie, farenheight 9/11, flight 93, the twin towers, and don't plan on watching tonights ABC spindoc either (though I did watch a plug for the ABC spindoc that was created for foreign nations and not intended for the US.. the plug introduces it as being the indisputable fact of what occured, reading and hearing that made me about want to VOMIT). I don't know the whole story of what did occur on this day 5 years ago, and I don't pretend to.. but having done extensive research into the transcripts of actual commentary, documents, speeches etc of intelligence, gov officials, stink tanks like PNAC, followed money trails and connections with people successfuly prosecuted to certain interested global corporations and who they lobby, it become a real messy game of connect the dots but with some very easily made assertations. Neocons are loathsome, far right religeous fundamentalists are loathsome, globalization rapes the third and second world to the benefit of a small elite, Ike was right when he warned of the military industrial complex, JFK was right before his assassination when he warned of anyone silencing descent called for a transparent government and placed defense of the constitution as the number one duty of every American. The truth is that vile people try to create truth, and ignorant people forget what the "truth" was only a decade ago. I wonder if we Americans suffer from some form of alzheimers slipped into our water supply.

No offense to anyone who worships FOX O'Reilly ;>

I was watching a rather disturbing talk on CSPAN regarding prosecution of white collar high crimes.. all sides agreed that there should be a better way of punishing that takes into account that a harsh conviction could affect the jobs of thousands of workers of the corporation they run. Personaly, I see it as they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for having betrayed thousands.. the companies assets liquidated and equally divided amongst the victims and employees of the corporations. I have no sympathy for something that exists only on paper, and wrath for anyone willing to place profits over lives.

I'll shut up now, I talk too much ;)
ashi: office spaceashi on September 12th, 2006 12:18 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for sharing
You do like to talk. :)

I do like that idea of dividing up evil corporations when they go too far. What would happen to the software licenses for Microsoft? Maybe they'd become public domain. :)
Dr3Am3ndergesellschaftoi on September 12th, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for sharing
heh I pride myself in sticking to the ideas and not going into the details anymore, hey, it's at the least "some" improvement ;)

hahaha public domain MS.. so.. basicly the community just scraps MS, and uses the (then) public domain access to formerly proprietary/copywrited code to make superior OS's fully supportive of softare originaly designed to operate under an MS operating system??

I was thinking Halliburtons wares are recycled to build school chairs and hospital beds, buildings converted to universities and hospitals, prison/internment camp lands terraformed into wildlife refuges, ABC/NBC/FOX de-monopolized into disassociated local networks (same with radio) etc. Walmarts would make real nice buildings for farmers markets, swap meets, flea markets, community events. :D
ashi: ai-khan!!!ashi on September 12th, 2006 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for sharing
Speaking of supporting software originally designed to operate under an MS operating system, I have hopes for this project:

Dr3Am3ndergesellschaftoi on September 12th, 2006 12:53 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for sharing
sweeeet :)
Hopefully there won't be a debate over licensing. An example of something that annoys me to no end is Real Media files, I dispise the player, it's spyware, and that I've yet to find a decent legal player that can play the format. If they can code their own support drivers I can see it getting the same fire that say taking a picture, of a copyrighted painting, then scanning it.. it's not the same paint or medium, yet is still considdered the same protected work. I see it becoming the new debate "just because the code is different, it serves the same "intellectual" purpose" :/