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Silly Geeky extra credit?

My preferred way to listen to music in my car is to make a playlist of everything and set to random. If I'm not in the mood for something, I can skip it, but I'm usually content to let it wander through all sorts of styles, as it sort of follows the way my brain works.

If you plan to ride along and want to listen to a certain type of music, I suggest bringing your own music device, which can plug into the audio jack in my car stereo.

But in case anyone really wants to... you can download my playlist of everything on the phone here, open it with a text editor, and remove the lines for any song that shouldn't be on the playlist. Each song has two lines in the file. Then just rename it and send it to me at rides AT scentinels (dot) com. You don't even have to be coming to this area at all... if you send me a playlist, I'll put it on my phone for whoever to enjoy.

So far I've made these lists: 3songs (after an old mix tape), filk.folk, Jonathan Coulton, nihon, and todd.

I've already pretty much filled my SD card, so I won't be adding songs.

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