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update, gigabit router?

I worked a few night shifts. Tomorrow I need to be at work an hour earlier than usual, but I slept 7.5 hours today after a night shift, and I'm not tired yet. Bleh.

Geeky stuff follows.

I had a neat idea, cobbled together from a few other ideas. I could build the old computer (the PC, not the Sun) into a gigabit intelligent router/file server for home.

The main problem I see with that is that I have 3 or possibly 4 PCI slots I could use for network cards. I remembered those come in 4-ports-per-card versions, but in Gigabit those are still $5k! Fortunately, I found dual Gigabit cards, refurbished, for $95 each. That would give me 6 or 8 ports, plenty.

Alternately, I could output to a gigabit switch and get away with just two standard Gigabit cards.

An intelligent router could do nifty things with our home network, and a fast one would allow very nice speeds for filesharing large files.

Any thoughts?

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