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More condor anime room stuff

I'm showing the following series at Condor in the anime room. Each has a description I wrote, so figured I'd be nice and cut it.

Anime Music Videos

These are fan-made videos that combine music and anime creatively. We will be showing an all-ages selection and a mature selection.

Bottle Fairy

Four tiny fairies have come to the human world to learn about us. Their supposed teacher, Sensei-san, goes off to school all day, and they try to learn all about Japanese culture with occasional "help" from a little girl next-door who also tends to get things wrong. Warning: extremely cute and sweet.

Burst Angel

Mercenary girls with guns patrol a futuristic Tokyo and deal with trouble. They hire a boy as a cook who aspires to be a pastry chef, and he winds up in all sorts of trouble.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura was an ordinary middle-school girl with latent magical powers, until she found a book and inadvertently scattered the magic cards inside. Now, with Kero-chan, the guardian of the book, she must collect all of the cards. By a famous group of writers called Clamp, this story redefined the whole "magical girl" genre.

Cowboy Bebop

Bounty hunters travel through space looking for fugitives and collecting ransom, when they succeed. The characters are well-defined, and their adventures are fun.

Crest of the Stars

Based on a series of Japanese science fiction novels, this story follows Jinto Lin as his planet is taken over by the Abh. He finds himself, through a peace treaty, elevated to alien royalty. He meets his first Abh, Lafiel, and asks her her name. She is well-known, and this is the first time anyone has asked her name. Soon they find themselves in the middle of a situation that could lead to intergalactic war.

Cromartie High School

A relatively normal boy starts his year at a high school of ruffians and all sorts of strange students, like the robotic Mechazawa. The comedy is really out there. The character design is rather rough, but works well with the comedy.

Di Gi Charat

Originally just an advertisement for a comic and game store, Di Gi Charat is a series of very short episodes starring Dejiko and Puchiko, aliens who come to Earth and work at that store. It's very silly and hard to describe.

Elfen Lied

A very bloody story about a girl who can telekinetically rip people apart. If you don't mind all the blood, there is a lovely story underneath about responsibility, forgiveness, redemption, and love. There are a few graphic scenes that are hard to take, where horrible things are done by people who don't have telekinetic powers. Did we mention there is a lot of blood? We will have a marathon of this series Friday night.

Excel Saga

Excel saga is very hard to describe. There is a lot of insanity, and the main character keeps getting killed off, but she gets better.

Figure 17

A young girl moves from Tokyo to a small village in Hokkaido. She has trouble fitting in, and her classmates mistake her shyness and thing she is too stuck-up to talk to them. One night, an alien spacecraft crash-lands in the woods behind her house. She finds herself involved in a fight against dangerous monsters, and she also finds a sort-of sister.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Alchemy is the science of the day. Ed and his little brother Al study alchemy and are quite good. Their father was a great alchemist, but has been missing for years. They travel and look for a way to return Al to a normal body.


Hare is a pretty ordinary 10-year-old boy living in the jungle with his mother. One day, she brings home a cute girl with pink hair named Guu. The next day, she suddenly seems less cute, and what is with her habit of eating large objects and animals whole? This series redefines "weird anime" and is a lot of fun.

Hikaru no Go

This is an anime series revolving around a board game that is thousands of years old. Wait! But somehow, it's very well-done and fun to watch. Hikaru discovers a go board that is haunted by the spirit of a go player from the Heiyan era who used to tutor the emperor. Sai, the spirit, has been waiting for someone who can see him, and wants to go play some more go.


Ryuichi is a rock singer. His band, Bad Luck, is having trouble. Then he meets a writer and falls for him, though he's been interested in girls up until now. And the writer is not always the nicest guy.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Onizuka is an ex-biker-gang leader who decides to become a teacher, because he likes younger girls. He soon finds himself teaching the toughest class at school and using his street smarts to keep them in line.

Gunslinger Girl

Young girls with little hope for a normal life are taken in and turned into fighting machines for the Italian government, each paired with an older-brother figure.


Jubei lives with her dad and leads a pretty ordinary life until this crazy old guy tells her she is the reincarnation of Yagyuu Jubei, a legendary swordsman. He gives her a "lovely eye patch" that transforms her, and soon finds herself attacked by Yagyuu Jubei's rival clan.

Kyo Kara Maoh!

A high school boy is transported to another world with very different social conventions. How was he supposed to know that dropping a fork means a challenge to a dual, and picking it up for someone means accepting it? Or that a slap across the face equals a marriage proposal? And it turns out that he is destined to be the new King of the land.


A mysterious psychological series that blurs the lines between the world online and the world offline. It starts with a girl killing herself, and then sending her classmates an email.

Last Exile

This series is a beautifully-made steampunk-ish story with flying machines and stars two couriers who wind up in the middle of a war when they take on a special cargo.


Ritsuka is depressed. His brother has just been killed, he is missing his early memories, and his mother doesn't treat him well and says she wants him to be how he used to be. His therapist seems to care but has her own issues. Then, an older guy named Soubi shows up out of nowhere and says he loves Ritsuka. They find themselves pursued and wind up in psychic battles with other pairs of fighters. Soubi says he'll obey Ritsuka but won't tell him much about what's going on, or what his brother was really up to.

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

Lupin is a notorious thief who pulls off heists with his little gang. Jigen is an amazing gunman, and Goemon, an amazing swordsman. Fujiko is another thief who can wind up as friend or foe, and Inspector Zenigata from Interpol pursues them all over the world. This time, they go to a small European country looking for the secret of some counterfeit money and wind up rescuing a princess.

NieA Under Seven

This series is about a poor community near Tokyo and the humans and aliens that live there. NieA, a low-rated alien, lives with a teen-aged human named Maruko and leeches off her. The pace is comfortable, and serious problems and comedy are thrown in together.


Two female assassins forge an uneasy alliance and start doing business together out of Paris, while trying to figure out more about the conspiracy going on around them both.

Otaku no Video

The fictionalized story of how the anime company Gainax came together. It includes supposed interviews with obsessed fans ("Otaku"), and becomes science fiction by the end.

Riding Bean

Bean is a courier in futuristic Chicago, with a very modified sportscar. He is given an assignment to return a recently kidnapped girl to her home, not knowing he's just been framed with her kidnapping.


A girl and a boy start dating while a distant war is going on. The war gets closer to home, and the girl is turned into an ultimate weapon against her will. Things take a turn for the worse, well, every episode. Warning: depressing. There is war, and death, lots of it. This series will be shown in a marathon Saturday night. Chocolate will be provided, along with other items to help fight sadness while watching this beautiful series.


Trigun is about Vash the Stampede, who has a 60-billion-dollar price on his head for supposedly demolishing several cities. Really, he helps people and is good at it.

Urusei Yatsura

A below-average boy finds himself chosen as his planet's champion when aliens threaten to invade. He has little hope to capture an alien princess who can fly, but gives it his best shot anyway. This is Rumiko Takahashi's classic series which went on into hundreds of episodes and several movies, blending science fiction with Japanese folk tales.


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