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Condor & anime room stuff

As I probably mentioned before, I'm running the anime room for Condor March 3-5, 2006.

Today, I faxed, phoned, emailed, and snail mailed some anime companies. I could show Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis, but I or the con would have to pay $250. Hahaha! Animeigo and Bandai Entertainment already emailed permission and did so for free. I have several more responses to wait for.

I also reserved a hotel room.

I'm thinking of these ten shifts to start with for people covering the room, open to splitting/combining/negotiating:

Friday 3pm-9pm
Friday 9pm-midnight
Saturday midnight-6am (marathon... Elfen Lied?)
Saturday 6am-noon
Saturday noon-6pm
Saturday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 9pm-midnight
Sunday midnight-6am (Saikano marathon... I'll work that one)
Sunday 6am-noon
Sunday noon-4pm

Evening hours, I made shorter shifts, so people needn't give up their entire evening.

Aside from thechick, I'll need to ask Condor for a few more staff members. I'll be posting to the Condor mailing list soon...

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