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Anime Los Angeles 2 notes

This is a totally biased list of things that still stick in my mind about Anime Los Angeles 2, good and bad, in roughly chronological order.

No Bay Area party to link to. That would have been neat.

Seeing nolly is always a good thing. :)

Waiting to observe the audience's reaction to my anime music video and then realizing the contest is over and did not include my AMV is not fun. I think I'll postal mail and offer a download link for every contest from now on.

Missed the yuri panel... lost track of time after the AMV contest.

Didn't get enough gold to buy anyone. I did pretty well in the rubber band archery thing, the one round I got to play, before they shut down for the night.

I had lots of compliments on my car. Yay.

We passed out 4 disposable cameras. Only 2 came back, and the first one only had 9 pictures come out, and the second camera came back too late to find a lot of people pictured. I'll bring back the pics next year, and post digital pics soon, maybe tonight.

The party was a success. Thanks, chucklemagne and thechick, for helping out with supplies and the chocolate fondue fountain! We hit critical mass for a bit, and shadow puppets with the projector get old quickly. People crowded in front of the mirrors for a bit to do their make-up... strangest use of a party room I've seen. I showed people my lost AMV, and they liked it.

Cassie is nice. Giving her a ride back to the Bay Area made the drive much nicer. She slept a lot, but she seemed to need sleep.

People who write "fuck niggers" on people's cars with markers are not very nice. The fact that "permanent" marker wipes pretty easily off of car paint is nice.

Split pea soup is nice.

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