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To-Do list...

Finish off work week over the next 5 hours. Celebrate.

Pick a very short song and figure out footage to use for an AMV that I can create during my AMV 101 panel. Set it all up.

Clean out car somewhat.


Figure out if there will be video conferencing between the Chinese New Year's parties in Sunnyvale and at Anime Los Angeles. If so, figure out how. I'm thinking one of these could be added onto my Verizon bill briefly, without getting locked into a 1- or 2-year contract, for connection on the Sunnyvale end.

Figure out when I'm leaving for the con, and where I'm staying before Friday.

Paint over the black and blue portions of Honda Tohru that have flaked off of my anime car.

Drive 517 km.

At Anime Los Angeles (preliminary schedule here:

* Show off anime car.

* Give AMV 101 panel. Hopefully actually show the basics of how it's done. Create more competition.

* Do Fantasy in Anime panel with Ed Hooper (who I've sort-of known for years) and Fred Patten (anime fan extraordinaire).

* Do Science Fiction in Anime panel with Ed Hooper, Fred Patten, and Hiroaki Inoue, co-founder of Gainax.

* Pass out fliers for Condor, the con in San Diego in March where I'm running the anime room.

* Throw Chinese New Year's party. Enjoy. Stay up too late. Wake up, hang out some more, and drive home.

So, what am I forgetting? :)

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