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Go away, please, Capital One.

Inspired by something I read a while back, where I can't remember, and by the sometimes-daily Capital One pre-approved-credit-card mailings, and by my housemate's return envelope to cease mailing her, I am sending them an envelope today.

I am sending them a business reply envelope with the reply form, on which I have written, "No thanks. Please stop wasting paper and my time."

I have also enclosed the following: Four CDs, edges broken off so they'll fit (3 of them AOL CDs); two metal brackets, ends broken off so they'll fit; and a handful of pennies. I taped it shut with packing tape, and taped over the window also, so none of it will fall out.

It weighs in at about half a pound (masses in at 229 grams). Postage will be paid by addressee, it says. I wonder if they'll keep trying to get me to sign up now.

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