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Day 1 of 10

Eight hours down, one hundred and twelve to go, before my next day off. There are lunch breaks in those hours though.

It was my idea, and it's my fault, but it won't be fun. :) Shawn covered three Sundays for me, for Pirate Faire, Conjecture, and Yaoicon. I'm covering a 3-day week for him, so he can have a longer vacation in China. One normal 4-day week for me, a 3-day week covering him, and then my next 3-day week. Whee.

I would like to go out to dinner and possibly even lunch with any of you who are willing and able.
I plan to go to ASL Storytelling Wednesday after work at 6:30. A kind co-worker is covering an hour for me on Thursday so I can go to Thursday night ASL class. I would love to see Footloose performed at Lincoln High School, possibly on Friday night or Saturday night, at 7:30. Saturday and Sunday are typically slow days, and that will help.

Tuesday night, December 13, will be cause for celebration, for making it through this.

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