ashi (ashi) wrote,

Time travel interview: Me at 4

Here with me today is the younger me at age 4. I don't want to interact with the others around him, so I've simply pulled him up here for the moment. If this works well, I think I'll do a series of such interviews.

Me: Hello, lad. Sorry to pull you away from your day, but I'd like to ask you a few questions.

4: Hi. Where are we?

Me: This is my house. What are you holding there?

4: MY frisbee. It's mine.

Me: I believe you. It's a nice, blue frisbee. I see it even has your name on it.

4: GOOD. My Sunday school teacher didn't believe me. I brought it to Sunday school. She said it was the church's. She didn't believe me, and she took it! I told my mom. She got it back and put my name on it.

Me: I'm sorry. I hate it when people don't believe me.

4: I HATE it. It's MY frisbee. I wanna go home now.

Me: Sorry to keep you. Go home and give your mom a big hug.

4: Okay.


I still remember that blue frisbee. There was a lighter spot in the middle where it was scrubbed or something so my mom could write my name on it.

My earliest memory of the concept of lying and stealing, and it was being falsely accused of lying and having something effectively stolen from my, by an authority figure. Poor me. There there. It's okay now.

Hmm, that must have been in Palm Springs. Anyway, that's it for now. I don't think I'll necessarily go in order, but I thought I'd start with my earliest somewhat-clear memory.

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