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Cheap garlic mashed potatoes at the office

I brought my blender to work again to make smoothies. Since I'm alone at night in this building, the noise won't bother anyone, and I'm 1. saving money that would have gone to Jamba Juice, and 2. getting my own yummy smoothies when they aren't open.

I started with variations on the Orange Julius recipe posted a while back in vegrecipes, then did a soy milk-chocolate-syrup-banana smoothie, but I realised I didn't have anything "solid" enough to eat tonight, and I was very low on spendable money. So, a very cheap entree...

Garlic mashed potatoes at the office

1 Potato, scrubbed but not peeled (feel free to peel if you like)
2 cloves garlic (I used 3... it was a bit much... actually, most of you would probably be fine with just 1, heehee)
A little soy milk or water
You'll need a blender, a bowl, and some kind of utensil.

Bake the potato for 3 minutes (the max setting on the work microwave). Slice it with a spoon, fork, knife... whaever is handy. Place in a bowl with instant hot water from the office water jug or coffee maker, so the water covers the potato as much as possible. Microwave for two more 3-minute cycles. You may need to add water between.

Mash the potato down a bit to make sure it's done enough. If not, Microwave it some more. Now place the potato/water mixture into the blender and blend. Add soy milk or water sufficient to process. Now drop in the clove(s) of garlic, and process a while. Yes, you just added raw garlic, so you don't need much.

Pour the mixture into the bowl, and quickly clean out the blender, if you don't want it be garlicky. Serve.

If you have salt and pepper handy, feel free to add some or other spices. I enjoyed mine with just three cloves of garlic. Now my smoothie tastes like garlic. Mmm... (The blender cleaned out nicely, but my mouth tastes of garlic.) For my next trick, I may bring in the crock pot and actually cook chili at work...

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