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Conjecture! and other cons...

Whew, I got Conjecture Sunday off. Conjecture is October 7-9 in beautiful San Diego, California. If anyone else wants to go along, I'd be willing to drive down. Otherwise, I'll get a plane ticket... probably some time today.

I'm going to try to get November 27-29 off so I'll have extra southern California time, in lieu of any time to visit family around Christmas (I have a final Dec 22 and work Dec 25). If you were counting on a ride along to Loscon (November 25-27), well, I could probably give you a ride to the con and then to a train station / airport / bus station, or you could catch a ride home with someone else.

Don't forget Chinese New Year's Eve (Jan 28) at Anime Los Angeles (January 27-29). It should be big fun.

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