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Peet's new African Blend coffee has a rich, full-bodied flavour with a hint of unsweetened chocolate bar thrown onto a hot barbecue grill for 25 seconds. I recommend trying it.

"Peach Girl" manga/drama/anime is full of lies and back-stabbing drama. I find it fun, and some of the characters likable. Heck, even Sae (Sha Hui in the Taiwanese drama) is a fun villain I can appreciate.

"Lost in Translation" is a nice relaxing movie about finding something to do in Tokyo. Two married people (not to each other) let down their guard and hang out.

Summer used to mean 3 months away from school, family vacations, and fun things like Disneyland. Now that there isn't a big long vacation involved, I don't see much point. It gets too hot, and I don't feel like doing much. At least work days involve air conditioning for me, which they glady pay for. Sure, I have it at home, but not in my room. If I were well off, I'd consider going south for their winter during our summer and just avoid the season completely.

Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies are yummy. Mmmm.

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