ashi (ashi) wrote,

Monterey Bay with Chili

Had an interesting Saturday. I woke up pretty early, then slacked until my normal wake-up time. I drove to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Chili, the dog who is travelling the world (Chili's site). There I met Meerkat and a couple named Erin and Deborah, which struck me as funny cause of a brother and sister named Ewen (pronounced, in his case, the same as Aaron or Erin) and Deborah.

Meerkat uses a keyboard device for talking, which I got used to pretty quickly. I really only had trouble with the word "vitriolic."

The sea creatures were incredible. I definately want to go back. I got some good pictures too. :)

On the way home, I hit Saturn Cafe. I had vegan nachitos and the special tofu pie of the day, avocado-banana. Mmm... I felt odd only leaving a $4 tip, but the total was only $7.something... 50-some-percent should be fine. :)

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