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Two movies and a play (and four-toed deer...)

Last night, thespatula and I went to see "The Neverending Story" at midnight. We were going to meet tiamat_dragon and kuddle_lion and possibly tshrew, but the first two didn't make it, while the third did. All in all, and sitting in a number of different groups, besides me, there were thespatula, tshrew, chirik, soquili_gitli (who won a trivia prize), ldyicefire, spiderdust, nexushoratio, the_munchkin (who asked me after the movie about the land of Fantasia as if I were an expert, and to my surprise, I seemed to know a bit about it), Tristan, Josh, and mortefina. Thank you, everyone, for showing up and making it a blast.

Today I went to see "Richard III" for free in the park, put on by an all-female acting troupe called Woman's Will ( with cheesybunny and Kurt. They even had yummy juice, cucumber, bread, and hummus to share with me. They had a nice spot in the shade, but the shade kept moving. I went and got umbrellas, and during intermission, we moved to a more stable shady spot.

The second spot was better for hearing. What can I say about King Richard III? She wasn't very nice. I had some trouble remembering which characters were male characters, because I'm rather used to seeing women dressed up like men. Still, I like drag kings. All in all though, it was a lot of fun, and I'd like to see them perform again.

Tonight, a trip to Whole Foods with thespatula turned into a trip to the post office and Whole Foods, and before we knew it, it was a trip to the post office, the Tropicana smoothie place, the cheesecake place, and "Sky High" to soak in more air conditioning and see a movie we wanted to see (no stop at Whole Foods). I didn't bother trying to count how many teen movie cliches it had, but it was very cute, and the super hero / hero support thing gave it some nice twists.

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