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a call to the geeky... mod_perl+mason...

So, a friend will pay me to host a website for the restaurant he works at. He needs people to be able to fax from the website to the restaurant's fax machine, but we have that pretty well figured out.

He needs me to support mod_perl, not too difficult. He also needs mason, not the firewall, but the thing that plugs into mod_perl. I've tried to get it all working together. I've had one guru friend look into it, but no luck so far.

If you can get it working on my server, and you're anywhere in California, I'll come take you out to dinner. If you're elsewhere, well, where would you like a gift certificate to? Feel free to negotiate compensation. I can set you up with an SSH-able shell account and sudo privileges, and you're welcome to keep the account. Feel free to pass this on, but not to some little-know acquaintance you met at DefCon....

The system is at a co-lo site running a server install of Ubuntu Linux. It has live web pages and email serving, but the web pages can go down for a few minutes if need be to put up a different version of Apache. I'm trying to get it going with Apache v1 per my friend's instructions, because his programmer said mod_perl with Apache 2 isn't stable enough.

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