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I haven't read LJ in a few weeks. Did I miss much?

I went almost nowhere all weekend. I did see the Pants movie with thespatula, and it was good.

I painted most of the trim on my trailer white today. I need to get that top brown stuff painted white, and to touch up a bit of the lilac grey. It looks nice. Maybe I'll take pictures.

I got paid yesterday. I'm nearly broke. I don't have enough to pay my cell phone bill, and just noticed I can't make calls on it currently. I seem to have plenty of canned food to last me a while, so I can hold onto the money I have for longer.

I paid off a big credit card, finally. It took me 13 months. Farewell, Discover Financial Services.

I don't know the names of most TV programs shown here, but I know that Trinity Blood episode 6 was pre-empted in Japan this week.

I would normally work this Wednesday, but I did the D shift guy a favor, and I'm trading to work Friday night. I may be a bit sleepy and/or late for the luau.

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