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looking for service...

Most internet service providers can't provide me with anything beyond dial-up. I live in sort of the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a big city but not really near much, about 15250 feet from my nearest central office for DSL purposes.

Several will offer me IDSL, at almost 3x the speed of dialup, for $100 to $120 a month. Been there, done that. There's also ISDN, which I believe would give me similar speeds and probably cost even more. Bleh.

Comcast has been my best option for a while. Their basic service only offers 256 kbit up, which isn't enough, so I have their Pro package at nearly $100 a month, which gives me a measly 384 kbit up (and 4Mbit up, which is more than I need). I could get a price break if I also had cable tv... ha, I say. I have real IP addresses, but they change now and then, and my computers won't route well with each other, as each is assigned a different gateway, somewhere deep in the Comcast network.

Covad can give me a Dedicated Loop SOHO connection, 384 kbit up, 1.5 Mbit down, for $74.95 (plus equipment and installation one-time, router having wireless = bonus), and even 5 static IPs. It appears to be business class. This looks promising.

Great Oaks Wireless Internet is going to stop by my home tomorrow to see if they can get a connection there. They offer 1.5 Mbit *up and down* for a mere $64.95 a month, and guarantee 50% of that speed minimum during peak hours for residential customers. They don't think I can get that speed where I live, more likely 900 kbit, which would run $40 something a month. If they can't connect, I'll likely go for Covad, unless I find something better soon.

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