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13 April 2005 @ 06:52 am
called in sick  
Called in sick today. Throat sore. Feel bleh.
But ahhh, freedom...
Current Mood: sicksick
Nikithespatula on April 13th, 2005 07:26 am (UTC)
bleh. I'm pondering the same myself. I'm still worn out from yesterday and my ear hurts and I'm kinda congested I think it's just allergies, but with the tiredness I feel icky :{
Nikithespatula on April 13th, 2005 07:38 am (UTC)
PS. sorry about the laggyness and downtime from midnight to sometime (I went to sleep about 2:30, donno when it come back up) if you even noticed it :}
Menollynolly on April 13th, 2005 09:20 am (UTC)
*hugs* i hope you feel better soon!
drewkittydrewkitty on April 13th, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
Yeah. Get well soonest.
Däch: Gothdach on April 14th, 2005 03:47 pm (UTC)
Being sick sucks
I hate having to waste sick days on actual sickness. In the 15 years since I last talked to you, I've probably used a dozen or so sick days on actual sickness, and regretted every one of them. I probably should have just gone in and made everyone else sick.
ashi: arrrr!ashi on April 14th, 2005 04:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Being sick sucks
15 years ago, eh? That's about when I moved from OC to San Jose... who are you?

My sick days and vacation days come from the same pool, but I had just hit 200 hours, and that's the max I can hold onto anyway. Goling to try to take a trip in July to really bleed some hours...
Dächdach on April 14th, 2005 05:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Being sick sucks
I thought I went by Dach at the time you knew me. My license says William Weeks on it. Let's see... We used to tape anime shows with a group of people at Fullerton Savings. You ran over my foot with your car, but it was one of those really small Civics, so I was able to lift the car off my foot and walk away unharmed. I think I wrote a story for your Japanimation fanzine you had back then. You invited me over to your house for Thanksgiving dinner one year when my parents abandoned me. I think that was 1986? 1987? We both liked a girl named Angel who ran off to Canada. We met at a church shaped like a Pizza Hut. There's more, but I hope that's enough to jog your memory.
ashi: toddletashi on April 14th, 2005 05:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Being sick sucks
Ah yes. I knew you as Bill and into punk. :) I didn't know the name Dach.
I emailed Angel Fehr not too long ago... found her church's web site, heh. I drive a small 1990 Civic now.
My father died a few years ago, but my mom still lives in the same place not for from the Pizza Hut church. She asked about you not too long ago.
Dächdach on April 14th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Being sick sucks
OK. I came up with that in college. I thought there was a little overlap. Oh well. You can tell your mom I'm doing well, other than a rabid case of Japanophilia lately. I'm going to have to go back within a year, either on vacation in October, or next year for a much longer trip.
I was wondering the other day what happened to the Japanophiles I knew long ago. You were easy to find. The others... not so easy. I just wrote to say hi. If you want to keep your journal from getting cluttered, you know where to find me, now that you know what name I'm hiding under.

Shortcuts: http://www.closedcaskets.com/ or http://dach.smugmug.com/