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New anime

It's a whole new season in Japan! I tried some new Anime recently. Like fub, I'm going to review a few first episodes.

First, I must mention "Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan."

It's about a guy named Sakura, and an angel from the future who tends to beat him to death (and then resurrect him). I don't think I'll go much further into the story, but it has the same director as "Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu," and I'm hooked. It has about as much plot so far as "Di Gi Charat" (in other words, plot? what plot?) and about as much blood as "Elfen Lied" (in other words, a lot).

Loveless looks interesting so far, interesting characters, pretty character design, shounen-ai (basically, boys kissing boys), and cat ears. I'm going to follow this one further.

Ichigo 100% seems like another harem anime, but the characters interest me so far. The main character seems to have a think for strawberry-print panties. Definately on the ecchi side.

Erementar Gerad has airship pirates and elemental magic users. I needed more pirate-themed anime. Arrrr. It looks like fun.

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