ashi (ashi) wrote,

Fun times in Boise

So, I told airport security that there was no laptop in the laptop bag, but pointed at the other bag and said, "This is a computer." They puzzled over it a bit with the x-ray machine, and had one security specialist pull it aside for careful checking-over, which only took about 5 minutes extra.

My new key-shaped multi-tool made it through just fine on my keychain.

My roll-up keyboard died.

I passed out 3 disposable cameras, and they all came back! I went off this morning to get prints done, and get a new keyboard, and walked around for almost 3 hours, asking for and following different people's directions. I wound up at OfficeMax with a blister on my left foot, and called a cab. I got to see some interesting places. Now I'm going to set up in the lobby and give people their pictures.

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