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So, my co-worker asked me to reset a wireless router in the warehouse today. Mounted near the ceiling. Almost 40 feet / 12 metres up. About 6 times as high as my fall off the ladder. "Ask the warehouse guys to get you up there."

So I got into a safety harness and rode up almost within reach of the router, when the cherry picker reached its maximum height. The operator brought it back down, put a shipping box onto it, had me climb up onto that and sit on my knees, and up we went.

It was more exciting/fun than scary/don't-want-to-break-more-bones. It's nice to know a little fall off a ladder hasn't made me less adventurous vertically.

Oh, I talked to tech support for the router, had them poke at it remotely, went up *again*, and finally determined they need to come poke at it personally.

My boss let me know that he wants to be informed before I go off and do something like that on my own again...

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