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Catch me; I'm falling.

Ugh, waking up on a Saturday for work is annoying. Actually, I think it's the fact that the thermostat isn't setup for the early wake-up blast of heat. This confirms that it really does make a difference... I really had to drag myself out of bed this morning.

I finished my taxes last night. Yay \o/.

I leave you with some pictures of where I took my fall last July. They still haven't put the ceiling tiles back.

This is where I had started feeding the wire up. The box was still sitting below here for 6 months, but I recently went back and cut it so I could use what was left of the wire in the box to make a long cable.

This is where I was reaching up into just before I fell.

A little lower than the last pic.

Right about where I fell. That cart was pushed over against another wall so I could put the ladder where the cart was and is again.

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