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New party organization

I like to throw room parties at cons. They tend to follow my usual party theme... anime, movies, games, DDR, food and beverage, and trying to entertain people.

I've been asked in the past what group I represent. Sure, I'm involved with the W-Dreamers fansub group, and I've done parody fan dubs (and thrown parties) under the name Zero Productions, but nothing that quite fits with the parties I like to throw.

So, I'd like to start an informal organization mostly to have a name to give when I host a room party. All I really need is a name, and to invite those of you who have helped with my parties (or anyone who wants to really) to join.

One of my goals is to try to unite anime and science fiction/fantasy fandom, so that could factor into the name. Most anime cons of recent years have been huge, plagued with long lines, and lacking in some basic amenities that sf/f cons have had for years, like con suites (Anime Los Angeles being a notable and welcome exception). Most of them don't even have room parties, but we could lobby to change that.

I would also be willing to throw some combined parties that also promote other groups.

If you have a name suggestion and/or wish to join, please reply.

My goals for this group so far:

1. To throw fun parties, at cons or otherwise.

2. To unite, on some level, various fandoms, especially anime and science fiction/fantasy.

3. To provide something a little different to people's convention experience, and to attempt to accomodate special needs.

Feel free to suggest additions or changes.

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