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20 February 2005 @ 08:05 pm
Truck load of General Lees
I saw this truck full of copies of the General Lee today at the motel parking lot near Flying J on the Grapevine (a mountain pass a little north of Magic Mountain).
As a kid, I was a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard... eep! I was just looking for the IMDB link to the old 1979 series to put with the title, and I found an entry for a 2005 movie! Well, that might explain why a truckload of them is being moved around. In case you aren't familiar with the premise, it's about the Duke family and their back-woods adventures, including outrunning crooked cops, in Hazzard County. The main things I remember from it are the orange car pictured, and Daisy Duke, whose outfit of choice helped coin the term "Daisy Duke shorts."

More pictures behind the cut.

Bigger version of the first picture.
Close-up of one car.  You can see the text: General Lee on the top.

The con (Gallifrey One) was very fun, entertaining, and relaxing. nolly gave me nifty cool Japanese stuff and was nifty and nolly-like. I had a nap friday, massage and long bath on Saturday, before attempting to dance at the dance. Note: A dance mix of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney is not a good choice for a con dance. Pearl was being non-vocal (voice mostly gone), so I got to practice my ASL. I really want to continue with that. Maybe I'll sign up for the online class that sarahemm is in.
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egyptian_spider on February 21st, 2005 02:20 pm (UTC)
Lemme clear this up for you, hon.

Jessica Simpson = evil. *grins*