ashi (ashi) wrote,

Fast Times

About once every 5 years, since 1991, I've fasted for a few days. My body seemed to be craving a fast (oxymoron?) for the last few weeks or so, so here I am on the first day of a fast. Last night at Whole Foods with thespatula, I had chocolate soy milk, tofu curry, and veggie pot stickers, as my "last meal." I'll probably just fast today and tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a nice cleaning out of my system again.

I haven't done a lot today, made one trip to the post office and Peet's Coffee and Tea. I had the last of the great tea flavored soy milk from my trip to L.A., a Xiao's blend iced tea, and a quart of pineapple coconut juice. Charybdis apparently likes pineapple coconut too... she licked the bottle.

I had a few moments reading food-related LJ communities where I suddenly craved something, but overall it's been pretty easy.

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