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The Post-Chinese-New-Year Party, February 10-11

Results of the Chinese New Year's poll have been frozen.

Thursday Feb 10
2 (20.0%) 2 (20.0%)

Friday Feb 11
3 (30.0%) 3 (30.0%)

Both nights!
4 (40.0%) 4 (40.0%)

1 (10.0%) 1 (10.0%)

The "Both days" option wins. Besides, there was a clear division between the Thursday and Friday votes. I just booked the room for Thursday the 10th, checking out Saturday the 12th. Please RSVP if you would like to actually spend the night in the room. There are two beds, and floor can be arranged as well.

Expect food, beverages, anime, DDR, anime music videos, movies, south park, and live action dramas (not to be confused with live drama, which I'm hoping to avoid). If you want to bring something fun, not very loud, and legal, please do. There won't be much drinking if any. There will be vegan options.

I'll check in as early as I can, and I'll post the room number friends-only once I'm checked in and set up. If you aren't on my friends list and want to come, please reply.

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