ashi (ashi) wrote,

internet revolution at home

So, last night I gave another online friend my spiel about how my only real internet options are dial-up, idsl, or T1, and if I could afford T1, I'd get it... since I'm too far from the central office to get adsl or sdsl, and AT&T had some stand-off with my city, so there was no cable internet here.

Idsl is based on the old ISDN protocol, and supposedly gives me 144k/144k symmetrical access. This means I can upload or download at 16kB/s, but not both at once at that speed. Oh, and I got a bit of a good deal... well, for idsl... I pay $115 a month.

Our cable company recently changed, but I didn't think much of it, till I got this postcard from the new company in the mail. I called them, just to double check.

Yes, $60 a month after the initial 5 months at $20 a month. Ideally, 1.5M/256k, or 10 times my current download and twice my current upload.

They're coming on Friday.

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