ashi (ashi) wrote,

Anime Oasis anyone?

Anime Los Angeles was a blast. I danced with nolly for almost two hours! My AMV didn't win, but at least the one I voted for one (it blew the others away). I was able to do my panels without freezing up. I was invited to be on panels again next year! Thanks, Chaz, for the great first year of a convention to watch. Now then...

So, Anime Oasis is March 25-27. I'm entering the AMV contest. My friend MastressAlita is trying to fill her hotel room to help cut costs... so far that makes two of us in the room, with a total cost of $136 for the room for the weekend.

If at least one of you comes along, I can drive up there to cut travel and hotel costs. If not, I'll probably get a flight. The con is in Boise, Idaho, but it has these advantages:

Only a 10.5 hour drive from San Jose (10 hours from Hayward).
AMV Contest Friday at 6pm: Experience a whole crowd of people watching "Ai Ai Baby."
Crazy cosplay events: Swimsuit contest, 18+ unrestriced cosplay with $200 cash prize, standard stage cosplay, sleepwear cosplay, cosplay cooking contest.
Yaoi night
Idaho's special brand of crazy fun.

Please let me know within a few days if you can and want to go! Thank you.

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