ashi (ashi) wrote,

chili x 16

My 3am Logic Chili recipe will probably be multiplied by 16 and fed to a hundred hungry teen-aged Unitarians! cheesybunny will be the chef. It will be served with salad and cornbread (probably some vegan and some non-vegan). I've never been involved in that volume of cooking before. It baffles and intrigues me.

I'm staying up late, having my car worked on. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. I'm juggling bills and hope to be caught up soon... a certain check from the federal government should help.

So far: slight burning smell is a slow leak from the oil tank drain gasket, getting on the engine and burning. I'll put off that $200 repair for now. Okay, the turn signal was a simple corroded bulb... total with oil change $42.38. :)

The trailer has less life in it now, with the cats and rats gone, but still about the same amount of clutter.

Speaking of trailers, I get to help with one. Cheesybunny is making a movie trailer for drama class. Yay!

I might be going to San Diego very soon to visit nolly; I might wait until July. Hmm... I could go the weekend of Comic Con and actually go to the con that Friday... though a weekend where I have Saturday off would be better...

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