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Rolling PC suitcase!



VIA M1000 C3 1GHz ITX integrated board/processor (19cm x 19cm), 1GB RAM, 13GB hard drive (going to get a 250 for it), 350 watt power supply

Integrated 32MB video, sound, lan, tv out, usb, firewire (connection on motherboard but not plugged in right now)

Out of the lower pocket comes a USB hub, power cable, ethernet cable, video cable extension, and i'm going to add a speaker input extension & one for microphone. It also needs a proper momentary switch I can install for on/off. I made a hole for a switch near the handle.

The motherboard is screwed to a breadboard, and there are straps to hold my projector in place for travelling. Everything else is held together with nylon wire ties.

Just added a fan & grill on the back. It's surprisingly cool and quiet.

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