ashi (ashi) wrote,

Anime Los Angeles

I just reserved a room for animelosangeles ( Who else wants to go? It's January 28-30, at the Van Nuys Airtel. I've entered my anime music video in their contest. I'm guardedly hopeful about my video.

I can post in the con's forums or LJ account looking for roommates, but it would be nice to have people I'm familiar with. I'm going to have my car nicely tuned up for the drive down, and even clean it out as needed to make room for passengers. Contributions for gas and hotel would be nice, but I know this is an increasingly busy time of year, and I really want to help make this con successful.

Why Anime Los Angeles? A comment and response from the con's LJ (about the Cosplay Workshops):

wow, that's pretty awesome, dont think ive seen a con do anything like that before

I want Anime Los Angeles to be different from the other anime conventions. I definitely don't need us to be a 10%, or 1% actual-size miniature version of one of the big anime conventions; I'd much rather we do things that you're not likely to find at any other anime con.

Besides, it's run by Chaz Baden, chair of Loscon in 2001, who threw nifty Loscon parties and keeps taking such lovely and organized pictures.

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