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Interesting I.T. situation

I got an innocuous enough little call yesterday. A PC was trying to boot from the network and failing. We don't have boot-from-network set up here. I checked it out, and it wasn't recognizing the hard drive. I opened it up, did a little unplugging and replugging, and closed and booted it up again. We had hard drive recognition!

We also had a blue screen of death: user32.dll had been corrupted. I ran out of time that day and passed it on to the night guy. Night guy worked on it there, trying various repairs, taking out the power supply, and running out of time to work on that project. He brought it into the office but didn't even have a chance to plug it in here.

This morning, I plugged it in and got no response. I tried various connections inside and got nowhere. Then I remembered the power supply. I checked its connections and then happend to notice it was switched to 230 volts! I figured that must have happened when he was fiddling with it. I switched it back down to normal (for this country) 110 volts, and plugged it in. It powered itself on without waiting for me to hit the power switch. I quickly plugged everything else into it.

I had to do Windows 2000 repair on it to get it going again, and then had to reinstall a bunch of stuff to recover from the repair.

I finally brought it back in. I remembered it liked to power itself on as soon as it had power, so I plugged everything else in first, and then plugged in the power.


It turned out they have a special tool that requires 230 volts, and someone must have decided to switch the voltage on the PC and plug it into the same power strip, without putting any special markings on the power cord. I managed to take out the power supply and monitor. Now I get to find out if any other parts are broken too. At least my boss didn't sound upset when I called him about it.

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