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Thermostat geekiness

I got a new theromostat!
It's programmable! It was around $40 with tax! The old one was analogue.

My setup is heat-only and just has two wires. They weren't labelled on the old unit, but after a little Googling, I was pretty sure I knew where they went on the new one (which has like 10 contacts to accomodate 99% of existing systems, so it claims).

I got it all programmed and then found out it has jumpers for 24 hour time and Celcius, which both require resetting and losing all your settings to enable. So I figured I would leave it the way it is for now.

I set up work days (Sunday through Wednesday, though I only work every other Wednesday) like so:

10pm - 4am: 58 F
4am - 5:15am: 80 F
5:15am - 10pm: 62 F

I figured I'd get a nice wake-up temperature that wouldn't tempt me to go back to the safety of the bed and blanket.

This morning, however, when I woke up at 5am, the main part of the house only hit 67 F, and my room was about 60 F... nowhere near 80 F. I'm going to set the jumpers, reset everything, and try:

21:00 - 03:30: 15 C (59 F)
03:30 - 05:20: 30 C (86 F)
05:20 - 21:00: 17 C (63 F)

Non-work days will be a little different, warming up a bit later so I can sleep in, maybe staying at a comfy 20 C during the day. There's also a special day program option that I haven't played with yet, that lets you set it up in advance and then hit SDP whenever you want to set up the rest of the day to use those settings.

You can manually override with the up & down arrows until the next time the temperature is set to change. There's also a vacation override. I think I like this thing.

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