ashi (ashi) wrote,

Elfen Lied warning

I started watching a new anime series, Elfen Lied. I heard it was pretty extreme with violence and stuff, and one group put out a small warning .avi file saying things like they weren't responsible for psychological damage.

The first four episodes weren't so bad. Sure, lots of bloody dismemberment using telekinesis... big deal.

Spoilers ahead!

Then one of the characters who is a runaway had a flashback in episode 5 about abuse from her new stepfather, and total disbelief and a big slap from her mother, which led to her running away. Now I feel the psychological damage. Ow. Be warned.


Bah. Now I really want to know what happens to this mix of characters. I want to see the runaway girl find a loving home worthy of her. And, of all characters, no bloody dismemberment for her! Please...

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