March 26th, 2012


LepreCon schedule

ART - nDCU: What works & what doesn't 3-4:30pm Palm E
FAN - PARODY FAN Dubs for Adults 9:30 PM - ?? Palm F

ANIME - You Got Cyberpunk'd 5-6pm Colonnade
Ghost in the Shell, Armatige, Battle Angel Alita, AppleSeed, and more! “Man
and Machine”? “Man or Machine”?
FAN- PARODY FAN DUBS for ADULTS 11-?? Joshua Tree

ANIME - Ticking For Deathklok 1-2pm Boardroom
From animation to albums to concert tours to comics to merchandise...A look
into Adult Swim's hit show “Metalocalypse”! Ends with a trivia contest— and
a prize!

I had to look up what nDCU is. Apparently DC Comics rebooted their universe last year.

Since I have never read any DC Comics (or Marvel), I have requested to be taken off that panel, heh. I will have to watch some "Metalocolypse" soon too...
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