January 2nd, 2009

double lion

Popularity contest?

So, as a guest at Anime Los Angeles, I get to run this panel by myself:

"Ashii invites you all to come and chime in on what you like best in the way of manga and anime."

Heidi explained it to me like this: I get to decide how to put this together. I can choose categories / have the audience help decide how this will go. Basically it is like a proto-awards voting/ceremony. Once how it works is figured out in the panel, people can vote over the next few days, and on Sunday afternoon I'll announce the winners. These will also go on the website.

The categories I suggested to the audience were:

70's and older anime
80's anime
90's anime
recent anime
action games
bishoujo/dating sim games
online games
music: artist
music: song
favorite all-time AMV

Linky: http://www.animelosangeles.org/ala/programming-newdesign/friday-programming-newdesign/477-our-favorites

Two people showed up to the panel. We decided on:

recent anime:
80's and older anime
action game
bishoujo/romantic game
online game
music artist
all-time amv
live-action drama
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